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5 daily shits, with piss and farts

5 daily shits, with piss and farts with Goddesslucy [FullHD]

1. My ass is covered with goosebumps and ready to push out a fat brown log. When my asshole opens around this firm dump you can hear the stickiness and squeaking of gas as this multicolored monster emerges from my shit hole. Then I perch on top of the toilet and squeeze out some more…

2. This long log with a rigid beginning just keeps going as I pee and release this long snake like multicolored dump.

3. After I finish peeing the hard head of this fat shit begins to emerge. You can see yellow specks in the pointed turd. It’s hard and cracked with a bit of shine on the surface as it stretches my shit hole wide.

4. I show my sexy body, and my ass covered in goosebumps before I show you how I unleash another smelly pile from my sexy asshole. There are some airy and sticky sounding farts as well as my moaning voice before my asshole begins to open up around the shit. You can hear the sticky noises as it squishes out of my asshole and my voice as I push, as my asshole becomes wider. It’s a firm chocalety brown one that is sticky and looks like a lot of pebbles stuck together. After that chunky turd I push out a smoother tail end of it.

5. I pull off my pants because I need to release what is inside my ass. Holding my ass in the air, it begins with a fart. Then some darkness appears inside my shithole, then another sticky sounding fart, then another…. Then it all begins to tumble out of my widened asshole rapidly, wide dark turds. These large plops leave me panting. Then I push another smooth brown poop pebble out before a huge fart bursts out with a tiny chunk of shit going flying. Then another bursting fart pops another tiny chunk onto the rim of my shit hole. More farts follow as piss trickles out of me and slippery wetness hangs from my pussy in a string, while a bit of shit is still clinging to the rim of my shit hole.

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