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[ACZD-009] Shame Examination Room Kanon Kuga

[ACZD-009] Shame Examination Room Kanon Kuga Mira Humiliation Enema / [ACZD-009] 【ホット30周年】羞恥の診察室 美らかのん

Metamorphosis examination by Lesbian S nurse for patient, Kanon Kuga who complains of abdominal abnormality. First, palpate the rich breast with your fingers and carefully clean the nipple from the entire breast using a cotton ball. Then, as a pretreatment for examining the female genitalia and anus, both parts are cleaned. After a relentless massage into the anus to insert the instrument, an elongated colonoscope is inserted into the anus. Open the anus with Anal Cusco, observe the condition of the rectum, and continue dilation to use a larger instrument.
Insert a metal plug to cool the anus that has a fever with an anal expansion massage. After the heat had subsided, the balloon-type plug was inserted and fully inflated, and the patient’s anus was so flexible that four fingers could be easily inserted. Inspect the inside of the rectum with a larger anoscopy. Check for stool mass. Then, the inside of the vagina is examined with a speculum. Finally, the wrist is inserted into the vagina, and the fingers are penetrated to the deepest part of the vagina for palpation.
The urine of the patient who had the urge to urinate was collected with a glass urine bowl and a plastic container. The urine is injected into the intestine as an enema fluid, excreted in a toilet bowl, and then the enema is continued using a thick catheter. Finally, a special glass enema with a rounded tip is used. The syringe barrel goes into the anus as it is. I put on a disposable diaper and put up with it, but it excretes while making a loud noise.
In order to eliminate the impaction accumulated in the patient’s body, sit on the gynecological examination table and cleanse the intestines. After enemaing lukewarm water with an ilrigator, lower the height of the device without pulling out the tube inserted in the anus, and the dirty liquid in the intestine will return to the irrigator. By repeating this action many times, the impaction will be taken and the slightly warm water will become more and more brown and muddy. As a finishing touch, high-pressure enema is performed with 1 liter of warm water, and the lower abdomen is strongly massaged to excrete all the dirt in the intestines.

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