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Dirty Girlfriend Filthy Enema Farts In Jeans with MissAnja [FullHD / 2020]

Dirty Girlfriend Filthy Enema Farts In Jeans with MissAnja [FullHD / 2020]

I love being your dirty GF and I love how much positive and dirty vibes surround our relationship. I’ve seen your face when a before the day I made you such an ultra filthy pair of jeans my love. You’ve fallen love with my jeans as just as you’ll be today as well. Look at my branded short blue jeans. You can’t resist this bubbly butt in it. How much have you been waiting for another pair dirty surprise from me? I ask you nicely that “Please let me make some mess once again for you. I wanna make you happy and satisfied as you deserve it. When your answer is “YES” I start to tease you more by fantasy about making a nice filthy pants and talking naughty, sexy while I describe what I’ll do with it.
Your dick is getting hard of thoughts your dirty girl gets super dirty again? Great. I start to play around with my butt hole, insert finger then a dildo to gaping it for you. Stinky poo hiding inside my ass I should say. But before cleaning out my ass with some enema I’m gifting for you some loud farts. Are you happy? I knee on front of you and filling my little ass. When I feel can’t take more water then put my jeans back on and squirting out that nasty water. I do repeat the enema action in 3 rounds. Lots of mess what’s soaking my blue short jeans and naughty farts from me to you close to your face. I love these juicy stinky farts and you? And you? What you can see in this video? GFE, jeans fetish, enema, stinky soft poo pants, wet farts and lots of ass. Have fun

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