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EE-552 Japanese Women fall victims of their evil seniors.

EE-552 Humiliating peeing as a resault of car confinement and diuretic. Japanese Women fall victims of their evil seniors.

Hidden camera footage inside the car aimed at fashionable college students and office ladies. Women who were invited to eat and shop by their close seniors. They don’t think the drink they’re given contains a diuretic, and they casually eat it. At first, they were having a fun conversation, but their facial expressions gradually sank as they rushed to urinate. I asked her to stop the car casually, but as soon as that happened, the inside of the car calmed down and the car went in a completely different direction. Although I feel distrustful, it’s too late for the car to enter a suspicious place I’ve never seen. The car stopped and I tried to go to the bathroom, but the door did not open. Silenced driver, tense bladder. They panic at the limit! The hands trying to open the door gradually lose their strength, and the cloth of the clothes gradually gets wet and eventually flows to the ground like a waterfall. The soaking seats and the smell of pee filling the inside of the car. They couldn’t do anything in the closed car and looked sad.

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