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Happy New Year Poo In White Converse with MissAnja [FullHD / 2020]

Happy New Year Poo In White Converse with MissAnja [FullHD / 2020]

I wear my converse sneakers only on and ask you do you wanna cum with me in the New Year as well? Did you miss me? Cause I missed you. So let’s play in 2020 as well with my dirty ass. I knee on doggy and fart a lil one to your nose. I show off then my converse sneakers on coming some foot teaser. I tell you I bet you missed my long legs, my feet and even more my dirty hole. I grab my fave pink glass plug and start playing around in doggy. I’m so horny like before nothing changed. I fart for you. Inserting the plug and tell you stroke your dick. For sure you couldn’t wait to stroke your dick to me again.
After doggy let’s get on my back with lifting legs to get nice sight to sneakers and shitty plug. I didn’t release poo yet just made dirty with it. Once I ask you is it time to poo? I shit out the plug as well. It’s looks warm and disgusting poo in the New Year. Tell me what you wanna do with my ass? I talk dirty to you while fucking myself with the plug sneakers view on. After awhile I knee on doggy and close to you still playing with my super dirty hole and farting under your nose. Wet stinky fart. I also show you my fart face as well. Happy Dirty New Year.

*Notice. While I made the video some of my neighbors moved out so can hear some of background noise cause of bikes but only for little time. Door was open while I made such a big mess

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