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Peteuse Shits in Your Face [FullHD]

Peteuse Shits in Your Face [FullHD]

You are lying on the ground, prone, unable to move, bound and gagged. Weird thing is, you have paid me a lot of money to endure the torture I will unleash! I want to abuse you for my amusement by shitting all over your face, toilet slave! You see me come closer and hover my ass over you, your eyes getting bigger in anticipation….waiting for the shit to fall out of my ass into your eyes, over your nose and mouth!
HAHAHA My shit even covers your eyes and blinds you several times, and you are helpless to remove it. Get ready to endure my big shit load up close and direct on your face, my personal latrine! It is all so funny and makes me laugh how you will let me punish you for my own pleasure.

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