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SamanthaStarfish – You’re My Toilet Paper Now Clips4sale Huge Ass

SamanthaStarfish – You’re My Toilet Paper Now Clips4sale Huge Ass

Self quarantine if you can and enjoy this super cheap dirty scat video!

I’m in my bathroom pushing out a big, nasty sloppy wet load of poop! I reach over to grab some toilet paper to wipe my ass when I realize, I am out of toilet paper! Oh no! I’m completely out and I can’t just run to the store and buy more! What will I do!?

I need someone to be my toilet paper! Will you do the job? Will you lick and suck my filthy, shitty ass clean? I need you to be my toilet paper! Clean all this filth off my dirty ass! Yes, do a good job and clean my ass, toilet paper. Make it feel good too. Lick my ass nice and softly. Of yes, toilet paper, clean my ass so good for me!

Thank you for being my toilet paper

Enjoy 💩!

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