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Sporty, Flexible Girl Rear View Shitting Taste Poo with MissAnja [FullHD]

Sporty, Flexible Girl Rear View Shitting Taste Poo with MissAnja [FullHD]

Watch me wear a sport bra on with black leggings and zipper sweater on. I guess you know I’m flexible girl who loves stretching and working out to keep myself shape in. If you didn’t know about know you got it. I love showing off my round ass in sexy tight yoga pants or even leggings. I start with some teasing, doing some of stretching and put my leg next to my ear. My fave pose so far to stretch my body. You get lots of tempting ass view from behind and talk a bit sexy. In this video I don’t focus on talking much as usually, I focus on especially to tease you with my body to emphasis I am a naughty, sporty girl! Emphases my naughtiness with great ass views until I poo for you.
After stretching I get on my knee in rear view to camera and remove on half way my yoga pants but don’t take it all. Grab my glass butt plug and start playing around which is make me shit easily. After pooping I keep playing with messy asshole and encourage you to play with me. You love my dirty shit covered asshole don’t you? It’s always so much fun to fucking me in your mind. At the end I lick my shit off a bit from glass toy and taste it. Smudge on my tongue. Sweet. Do you wanna taste as well? Have fun!

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