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Toilet during sports training MilanaSmelly.

Toilet during sports training.

The heavy duty of the toilet slave is that girls never let him rest. This time, he came from work, decided to lie on the sofa, relax and smoke. But Karina and Yana decided to go in for gymnastics. They punished the slave for lying on theirsofa, and then used him as a training apparatus. After physical exertion, the girls wanted to go to the toilet, and slave had to provide them with his open mouth to accept their stinky shit. The first was Yana. Yana usually produces a very nasty, smelly and liquid shit, which is very difficult for slave to handle.He pukes, and it can be really very difficult for him. But this time he was lucky. Yana had diarrhea again, but the crap was a little. Karina pooped for a very long time, but she had a lot of crap and it was solid. In addition, after buckwheat cereal, fruit and alcohol her shit was bitter. Therefore, the slave had to work hard. He coped with his duties. The girls decided that they would always use the slave during sports training to empty their intestines into his mouth.

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