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Distract from game to pooping? No! with MilanaSmelly

Distract from game to pooping? No! with MilanaSmelly

Lately, I often spend time visiting Mistress Karina in her country house, where she uses me as a slave. I have household and toilet duties. I do the dirtiest work, clean the house, cook her food. The food that Mistress eats, I then also use. But I eat it in the form of shit coming out of her ass. Mistress is resting in a country house, and I do everything to make rest comfortable. Recently, Karina has taken a great interest in computer games. Sometimes the game is so exciting to her that she does not want to be distracted by going to the toilet and doing some dirty procedures. In these cases, she uses my services. Karina calls for me, takes off her pantyhose, bares her beautiful ass, protrudes it outside the chair.
I catch with my mouth all the delicious and aromatic chocolate sausages that come out of her anus. While she is playing, I have to serve her in full. That is, I have to take Karina’s shit into mouth, eat it, and completely provide the cleanliness of her anus. It’s a pity that my mouth usually is filled with her shit and I have no way to wipe her ass with my tongue. However, Mistress does not have to get her hands dirty, as I carefully wipe her anus with toilet paper. I get a very tasty treat from this beautiful girl. This is my lunch or dinner. Meanwhile, Karina gets the comfort that many dream of.

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