EE-733 Hidden Camera at the School Diarrhea and Fecal Leakage PART-1

EE-733 Hidden camera at the demon guided school. Schoolgirls harassment, diarrhea and fecal leakage.

Nowadays, people tend to avoid hearing the word harassment. I secretly filmed a certain cram school that provides anachronistic demon guidance. What was unfolding there was power harassment and sexual harassment that took advantage of his position as a lecturer. It was common for students to be yelled at, and sometimes they grabbed people by the hair or chest, or even made them take off their uniforms in the guise of giving instructions. Of course, there is no way they can go to the toilet, so the female students endure the urge to defecate as they attend class, and the instructor’s relentless harassment attacks them. Due to the double burden of stomach pain and stress, she ends up leaking diarrhea in the classroom, and the classroom is filled with a foul smell. Even so, the female students are not even allowed to dispose of the waste until the class is over, and are made to attend class with an overflowing amount of diarrhea in their underwear. Their expressions say, “I don’t want it anymore,” “I feel sick,” and “I want to go home,” but their cries of pain are in vain, and the demon guidance continues



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