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PrincessPuckie – Wet and Wild Puke on the Patio Clips4sale FOOD MASTURBATION

PrincessPuckie – Wet and Wild Puke on the Patio Clips4sale FOOD MASTURBATION

Do You Really Think You’re Ready For All This? Sweet & Intimate Yet Wet & Wild Puke Play with Princess Puckie!

Tits out in my black bodysuit sitting pretty on a sunlit patio, I show off the kool-aid and bananas I’m gonna stuff myself with and the toys I’m gonna use to erupt myself everywhere! (1.30min) I dirty talk and make cute remarks while propped up on a patio bench, showing off my curves while stuffing my mouth with bananas and gulping red kool-aid (3min). I then pull out my 16” purple jelly dildo and begin fucking my throat til I puke my pretty red banana guts all over my self, giving my black bodysuit the truly wet look. I rub it all over myself, smearing it on my legs and revealing my tits to get it everywhere while talking dirty and giggling and smiling. I suck on my dirty fingers too! I then bring the camera up close shot video selfie style so you can see me vomit and fuck and suck the puddle of puke pooling between my tits in my bodysuit. I moan while rubbing my tits and pussy with wet puke…I need to take this bodysuit off! (6 pukes in this scene, 5min).

The angle changes and you’re looking up on me completely naked except for white thigh high stockings. I dirty talk while I rub my shaved pussy and peel a banana…I start fucking it and moaning…I rub one banana chunk on my clit while I use my other hand to fuck my pussy til I cum! Then I eat up the banana I stuffed in my pussy! I switch positions and go doggystyle. I stuff my ass with a banana chunk & push them out two times and eat them both times! I switch angles so you’re EXTREMELY close to my pussy and asshole, I push a banana chunk out one more time and eat it with a giggle. I have a mini prolapse twice in this scene and pee a little (8min).

New Scene! Back to Puking! I fuck my throat with the jelly dildo and throw up on my tits and suck on them and lick them while dirty talking (6 pukes in this scene, 3min). Next scene I take out my dildo and stick it in my puke slop and suck on it and fuck it eagerly while moaning til I cum! (5min)

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