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Toilet slave Vitaly is back with TinaAmazon [FullHD]

Toilet slave Vitaly is back with TinaAmazon [FullHD]

Toilet slave Vitaly is back! Vitaly: I very missed my Mistresses. For almost half a year I have not seen them. When I arrived, I found out that Victoria, a friend of Christina and a very beautiful girl, wants to meet me. Christina told Victoria that I enjoy eating shit from girls and I am a great toilet slave. Victoria wanted me to try the shit from her ass, and she wanted to show me her female superiority.
The Mistresses took me with them to a picnic on the lake. But they forbade me to be with them. They took me to the forest, where I had to serve them like a toilet. I could only hear their laughter from afar, inhale the smell of barbecue they ate. Finally, Mrs. Christina and Victoria remembered about me, and decided to have fun with me. They trained me like a dog, and then I had to serve them like a horse, and they rode on me.
Finally, the most important moment has come. The girls wanted to use the toilet. I have known the taste of the shit of Mistress Christina for a long time, and I adore it. And I very wanted to try the shit from my new Mistress. Mistress Victoria crouched over my face, pulled down her panties, opened her beautiful anus , and a long hard shit fell into my mouth. It tasted sweet and smelly at the same time, because Mrs. Victoria ate a lot of vegetables before the meeting. I coped with my task. Mrs. Christina and Victoria were very pleased. And I am glad that I have a new Mistress.

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